I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Korea University. I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University. My research interests include International Relations, and Comparative and International Political Economy, with a focus on the strategic use of information by political elites and interest groups. Broadly, my research lies at the intersection of domestic politics and international relations and draws upon a wide body of quantitative and text-based data. I am also interested in analyzing public attitudes toward foreign economic policies and environmental policies. My work is forthcoming or has appeared in American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, International OrganizationJournal of Politics and British Journal of Political Science among others.

You can reach me at  sung_kim[at] korea[dot] ac[dot]kr. My CV is available here.

Recent Publications

Target, Information, and Trade Preferences: Evidence from Survey Experiment in East Asia (with Jong Hee Park, Inbox Rhee and Joonseok Yang)
American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming) [PDF]

Who Votes for Free Trade and When? Geopolitics as the Sources of Legislative Preferences on Free Trade Agreements (with Joonseok Yang)
Review of International Political Economy (forthcoming)

Buying Influence? Rotating Leadership in ASEAN and Allocation of Chinese Foreign Aid (with Taegyun Lim)
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (forthcoming) [PDF]

Do Voters Reward Politicians for Trade Liberalization? Evidence from South Korea (with Sujin Cha)
Review of International Organizations, 2022, 17: 751–780 [PDF]

Tariffs as Electoral Weapons: The Political Geography of the U.S.-China Trade War (with Yotam Margalit)
International Organization, 2021, 75 (1): 1-38 [PDF]

Trade Competition and Worker Compensation: Why Do Some Receive More than Others? (with Krzysztof Pelc) 
International Studies Quarterly, 2021, 65 (1): 109-121 [PDF]