Below is the list of selected publications. For the full list, please see my CV available here.

Trade Policy, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior

Target, Information, and Trade Preferences: Evidence from Survey Experiment in East Asia
with Jong Hee Park, Inbox Rhee and Joonseok Yang
American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming)

Do Voters Reward Politicians for Trade Liberalization? Evidence from South Korea
with Sujin Cha
Review of International Organizations (forthcoming)

The Politics of Trade Adjustment vs. Trade Protection
with Krzysztof Pelc 
Comparative Political Studies, 2021, 54 (13): 2354-2381 

How Responsive is Trade Adjustment Assistance?
with Krzysztof Pelc 
Political Science Research and Methods, 2021, 9(4): 889-898

Tariffs as Electoral Weapons: The Political Geography of the U.S.-China Trade War
with Yotam Margalit
International Organization, 2021, 75 (1): 1-38

Trade Competition and Worker Compensation: Why Do Some Receive More than Others?
with Krzysztof Pelc 
International Studies Quarterly, 2021, 65 (1): 109-121

Informed Preferences? The Impact of Unions on Workers’ Policy Views
with Yotam Margalit
American Journal of Political Science, 2017, 61 (3): 728-743

China in the Global Economy

Losing Hearts and Minds? Unpacking the Effects of Chinese Soft Power Initiatives in Africa
with Sujin Cha & Yehzee Ryoo
Asian Survey (forthcoming)

Severing the Belt and Road: Overseas Chinese Networks and COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
with Adrian J. Shin & Yujeong Yang
Foreign Policy Analysis (forthcoming)

Buying Influence? Rotating Leadership in ASEAN and Allocation of Chinese Foreign Aid
with Taegyun Lim
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (forthcoming)

When Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up: Local Adoption of Social Policy Reform in China
with Xian Huang
Governance, 2020, 33 (2): 343-363

Media Bias against Foreign Firms as a Veiled Trade Barrier: Evidence from Chinese Newspapers
American Political Science Review, 2018, 112 (4): 954-970

Political Economy of Environment and Energy

Incorporating Political-Feasibility Concerns into the Assessment of India’s Clean-Air Policies
with Wei Peng, Pallav Purohit, Johannes Urpelainen and Fabian Wagner
One Earth 2021, 4: 1-12 

State Policy and Lobbying in a Federal System: Evidence from the Production Tax Credit for Renewable Energy, 1998-2012
with Johannes Urpelainen and Joonseok Yang
State Politics and Policy Quarterly 2021, 21 (1): 1-30 

Environmental Degradation and Public Opinion: The Case of Air Pollution in Vietnam
with S.P. Harish, Ryan Kennedy, Xiaomeng Jin and Johannes Urpelainen 
Journal of Environment & Development 2020, 29 (2): 196-222 

Environmental Effects of GATT/WTO Membership: An Empirical Evaluation
with Johannes Urpelainen and Joonseok Yang
International Interactions 2019, 45 (4): 917-932

The Broad Impact of a Narrow Conflict: How Natural Resource Windfalls Shape Policy and Politics
with Japser Cooper and Johannes Urpelainen
Journal of Politics 2018, 80 (2): 630-646

Environmental Public Opinion in U.S. States
with Johannes Urpelainen
Environmental Politics 2018, 27 (1): 89-114

The Polarization of American Environmental Policy: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Senate and House Votes, 1971-2013
with Johannes Urpelainen
Review of Policy Research 2017, 34 (4): 456-484. 

Electric Utilities and American Climate Policy: Lobbying by Expected Winners and Losers
with Johannes Urpelainen and Joonseok Yang
Journal of Public Policy 2016, 36 (2): 251-275

Technology Competition and International Co-operation: Friends or Foes? 
with Johannes Urpelainen
British Journal of Political Science 2014, 44 (3): 545-574.